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Big interview – Mike Hurst

Security Buyer UK sits down with Security Buyer Live speaker, Mike Hurst, Main Board Director, The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)  You will be


Into the cloud – Fabien Rech

Fabien Rech, VP EMEA, Trellix What does ‘security’ mean to you?   To me, security means having the capacity to act freely; feeling protected from harm


Border control in British airports

What are the security measures put in place to keep British airports secure?  Airports are vulnerable to various security threats like theft, terrorism, smuggling and

banking establishments

Keeping banking establishments secure

What are the best physical security measures used to protect assets in vaults in banking establishments   Banking establishments are a necessity for our society and


Into the cloud – Vibin Shaju

Vibin Shaju, General Manager at McAfee Enterprise  What does ‘security’ mean to you?  Protecting millions of families, including mine, from online threats is the epitome of security to me. It’s scary


Utilities – The smart grid

How should utility infrastructure be protected? The digital world presents new pressing challenges in the cyber realm, in addition to physical security  Cyberattacks on smart