Silent Sentinel body temperature detection cameras

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Surveillance platform manufacturer, Silent Sentinel, is pleased to announce the expansion of their range of elevated body temperature detection cameras with the addition of a thermal only option, the Modum Lite. As standard the Modum Lite is accurate to within 0.5 degrees, however when deployed with the optional blackbody, the Modum Lite is accurate to within 0.3 degrees making it perfect for standoff elevated body temperature detection requirements.

The Modum Lite has been designed as a thermal only solution which allows the camera to provide highly accurate body temperature measurement, at a price point to meet all budgets. Optional laptop, blackbody, and trolley are available too. The camera can be deployed as a standalone system or as part of a network deployed system feeding back to a centralised command and control location.

Key features include:

  • High accuracy (0.3 degrees)*
  • High resolution 640×512 or low resolution 384×288 imagers
  • Temperature measurement up to 5m away
  • PoE supported
  • Can be paired with a blackbody for more accurate temperature results
  • Options available include a laptop, blackbody, and trolley

*0.3 degrees when deployed with a blackbody, 0.5 degrees without

James Longcroft, Business Development Director, says “Building on the success of the Modum body temperature camera, we are really pleased to launch the Modum Lite. The addition of the Modum Lite means we have a wide offering within the Modum range to meet even more customer requirements.”.

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